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Hello ,I’m srivalya , a 22 year old art student. Art takes me to an enthusiastic level. Art is my passion since 7years. An art knows to change my mood. I can express my feelings through art. I can say art is everything to me. When I drew the first one ,I didn’t knew that I’ll be this good at arts. And now I can draw a realistic one. “Arts” this word gives me an extra energy an extra happiness. I can simply say “Art is a therapy ,it is one kind of happiness “. And now I’m pursuing my diploma in fine arts.

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"When i was 19 I stared painting cartoons as I love them most. They were good and started many, then I thought “why can’t I go to an art school ?” But I have some conditions ,like the school shouldn’t be like they are plenty people and only one teacher like a college or childhood school. So , I started searching a plenty institutes. Then I got one which I was started following a page since 2yrs in Instagram. Simsum arts is the best place I chose to learn arts. They are so friendly, so understandable, much helpful and what not. I guess my decision is the best. I just loved their accompany and flexible hours. I’m sure that they’ll be very helpful for my growth as an artist. I suggest everyone to join “SIMSUM ARTS “. I’m just enjoying it. I’m glad to have me here." Check my Profile here -