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Name: Thallapally Poojitha Age: 22 Qualification: 10th... Drawing is a form of art they say, but it is a way of life for me. Sketching enables me to bring out the expressions of life. It also helps me capture the precious moments and portray them. Likewise, painting is about colors. It is so relatable for me as it symbolizes the different shades of humanity, culture and everything around us. Such is the importance of art for me. Creativity demands courage. It is a skill that showcases itself uniquely in every artist. “Hidden meanings of the explicit truth of life” is the underlying theme of my creativity. I let my emotions flow like a river, my brush strokes meandering throughout the canvas, only to bring out a beautiful portrait. Last but not the least, art is a habit that brings me happiness, a skill that stirs my sensitivity, a vision of vividness, a forever fantasy and ultimately the finest definition of who I am.

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"Simsum arts was a gift I received at such a juncture in life when I'd lost hope. It is a magical place as it makes me forget every worry and helps me work on myself and for my betterment. I feel proud of being a student at Simsum arts." Check my Profile here -